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Monthly Archives: December 2016

The 5 most common reasons your “Check Engine Light” is on

There is not too much worse than discovering your check engine light appearing out of nowhere and having no idea where it came from or why it appeared. Literally hundreds of things can trigger a check engine light appearing out of thin air. It can be something as simple as a loose gas cap, or something a lot more serious. From our stores, here are the 5 most common reasons we see on a regular basis and a brief description of how damaging they can be; 1) Evaporative System Leak or Fault - The evaporative system is the system that manages fuel vapor. This is a very complex system that has many components including valves and pumps as well as many miscellaneous seals and hoses.  One potential cause of this could be something as simple as a loose or damaged gas cap. However, some problems here are much more complex such as needing electronic diagnosis or repairs. 2) Damaged Catalytic Converter - Firstly, what is this? The catalytic converter is an e ... read more

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